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60 years of carpenter's tradition

We know everything
about the wood...

I am a carpenter, who combines years of craftsman's practice and always individual approach of the art.  My garden furniture emphasizes the subtle beauty of wood, revealing hidden shapes, patterns and colors - giving the material nobility. Simplicity of form and special design refers to nature and the highest quality material and the right finish quality ensure durability and attractiveness. Solid construction and durability of solid wood is a guarantee of safety and stability.
If you are looking for :
- durable and functional garden furniture, tailored to your individual requirements,
- element that will create a unique atmosphere in your garden, yard or veranda,
- the highest quality wooden products


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Set of garden furniture

All our furniture is made of solid wood, hardwood (oak, ash, beech, alder). These sets are very popular
because of their solidity
and impressive appearance.



A slim, proportional form is combined with durability and care
for details. Swings, called by some benches, will provide the opportunity to relax with your family.



The dream of garden owners
and owners of taverns or inns.
Our gazebos are the perfect complement to the landscape. In their performance we are guided by a vision and the dreams of our clients.



For the fireplace wood to reach high calorific value, the drying process must be long enough. Unfocused, a bright flame in the fireplace or stove warms every cold evening.



A paradise for every child and providing a moment of respite for his parents. We adjust the dimensions of sandboxes individually. Rounded edges and a perfect finish guarantee the safety of the kids while playing.


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Email: piotr.paluch@vp.pl

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